We are Animal Welfare...

Society is concerned about how we treat the animals that provide us with food, fibre, companionship or that are used in research. Awareness of welfare issues and behavioural change is not only important for citizens, but also for businesses.

Policy evaluation

Working in partnership with ICF International, Cerebrus Associates evaluates EU policy and develops best-practice reports for the European Commission. Working together we have delivered an evaluation of EU policy on animal welfare, a best-practice report on the protection of animals at the time of slaughter and on the castration of pigs.

Business Benchmark for Farm Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is becoming an increasingly important topic for consumers, alongside issues related to food provenance, traceability and quality. Farm animal welfare is a systematic risk that many companies in the food industry are either not effectively managing or not properly reporting. The business benchmark provides a robust assessment of company practice and reporting on farm animal welfare and is designed to help investors to integrate farm animal welfare into their investment research and decision-making.



On-farm consultancy

Working in partnership in World Animal Protection in China, Cerebrus Associates is partnering with large pig producers to enhance the welfare of pigs on-farm.

Technical consultancy

Cerebrus Associates have assisted Compassion in World Farming to produce briefings and reports that summarise the current state of knowledge on the welfare of many farmed species.


Industry working-groups

Heleen is Chair of the RSPCA Assured Standards Technical Advisory Group (STAG) for laying hens, the STAG for pullets and the STAG for turkeys.