We are Partnering & Engagement...

Success in all sectors is reliant on trusted partnerships. Closed innovation models are increasingly being replaced by open innovation models where ideation, development and commercialisation are conducted in partnership with individuals and organisations outside of the business (Chesborough 2003).  The requires businesses to explore which research groups are active in their field of interest, which researchers would be the best to collaborate with, and which groups are the best resourced.  An objective and unbiased approach is required.  Research managers seek to lower the risk to both their company and themselves as corporate strategy alignment, intellectual property agreements, return on investment, corporate reputation, pace and trust are at stake.

Fundraising & sponsorship

We help organisations secure funding and sponsorship by pursuing mutally beneficial partnerships.


We help corporate and academic organisations work together by brokering partnerships around shared objectives.

Building research consortia

We help create public:private partnerships to access funding.

Expert and working groups

We help convene and chair meetings involving specialist teams of experts.