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British Society of Animal Science
BSAS On-demand

BSAS On-demand is a joint venture between BSAS and Cerebrus Digital which aims to enhance member satisfaction, help recruit new members, and increase income thorough the sale of video content & sponsorship.

BSAS On-demand

2016 EAAP Congress

Cerebrus Digital filmed several sessions at the 2016 Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science Congress in Dublin.

Example Session: Vimeo On-demand

11th European Conference on Precision Agriculture

Cerebrus Digital filmed and distributed content from the 2017 ECPA conference in Edinburgh.

Example Session: Vimeo On-demand

International Bull Fertility Conference

Cerebrus Digital filmed and distributed content from the 2018 International Bull FDertility Conference in Westport, Ireland.

Example Session: Vimeo On-demand

Royal Society of Biology
Biology Week 2018

Cerebrus Digital livestreamed a debate on 'Can AI save the world?" from the Royal Institution at the end of Biology Week 2017.

Watch the livestream

'Ask a Biologist' at New Scientist Live 2017

Cerebrus Digital created a series of interviews with leading biologists.


International Biology Olympiad

Cerebrus Digital livestreamed the opening ceremony, created a daily video feed and produced social-media content throughout the event.