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Biology Week at the Royal Institution
Animal Task Force
9th ATF seminar

Cerebrus Digital captured the 9th ATF seminar and created an interview series during the event.



European Forum of Farm Animal Breeders
Fitter Livestock Farming workshop

Cerebrus Digital captured the workshop and created an interview series during the event. The Fitter Livestock Farming Project is a cluster of six research projects (GenTORE, FEED-A-GENE, GplusE, IMAGE, SAPHIR & SmartCow) funded by the European Commission and coordinated under the CDB, aiming to bring innovation to food safety and sustainable agriculture.



Chronos Sustainability
Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare

Cerebrus Digital produced some promotional videos and interviews at the launch of the 2018 BBFAW report.


Royal Society of Biology
'Ask a Biologist' at New Scientist Live 2017

Cerebrus Digital created a series of interviews with leading biologists.


International Biology Olympiad

Cerebrus Digital livestreamed the opening ceremony, created a daily video feed and produced social-media content throughout the event.


British Society of Animal Science
BSAS On-demand

BSAS On-demand is a joint venture between BSAS and Cerebrus Digital which aims to enhance member satisfaction, help recruit new members, and increase income thorough the sale of video content & sponsorship.

BSAS On-demand

2016 EAAP Congress

Cerebrus Digital filmed several sessions at the 2016 Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science Congress in Dublin.

Example Session: Vimeo On-demand

11th European Conference on Precision Agriculture

Cerebrus Digital filmed and distributed content from the 2017 ECPA conference in Edinburgh.

Example Session: Vimeo On-demand

International Bull Fertility Conference

Cerebrus Digital filmed and distributed content from the 2018 International Bull Fertility Conference in Westport, Ireland.

Example Session: Vimeo On-demand